Bug Bond Thunder Creek

1 Secure your straight eye streamer hook securely fixed in the vice.

2 Attatch your tying thread and cover the first third of the hook shank.


3 Now cut a small bunch of buck tail and even the ends in a hair stacker. measure the hair bunch to the correct length required and tie in as shown, on top of the hook shank.


4 Turn your hook up side down in the vice.


5 Tie in another bunch of lighter buck tail on the underside of the hook shank. This should be just a little shorter than the first. Make sure that the forward whippings of tying thread are tight into    the hook eye.


6 Now apply a little dubbing to the tying thread and build up a tight dense base for the head of the baitfish. Make sure that the head is not larger than the initial butts of buck tail. Finish with the    tying thread hanging at the base of the head.


7 This stage can be done free hand, but you can achieve much better results using a transparent plastic tube. Place the tube over the eye of the hook pushing the buck tail back to form the        wing.


8 Make a few tight turns of tying thread to form the head. The Bucktail wing will flare outwards.


9 Carefully remove the tube, by twisting it from side to side while carefully pulling off the head. Make a few more secure tight turns of tying thread and whip finish. Apply the tape eyes one each    side. To set the wing flat wet your fingers and stroke the wing.


10 The only thing remaining now is to coat the head with Bug Bond. The first coat is just to secure the tape eyes. Make sure that when applying the next two coats that you cover the band of          tying thread. When the wing dry’s it will remain flat.